September 1, 2014 (All day)

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The Center for Community Transformation is pleased to announce its annual Faith-Rooted Social Business Plan Contest. With unemployment wreaking havoc in the fabric of our community, this contest is designed to stimulate creativity as well as new partnerships between faith leaders in church, non-profit and traditional business institutions in the area of social business models for youth and adults with barriers to employment. We hope to catalyze the skills sets of people of faith in addressing the most basic of human needs in our community – adequate, meaningful employment.  

Proposals will be entertained for small business ideas, training systems or employment services. 

1. Each plan will be submitted by an entry team. An entry team can be one person or a number of people and has no limit on size. The entry team creates the plan but is not necessarily the entire management team of the business or training system. 

2. Members of local (central valley) Christian churches and faith-rooted non-profit or community benefit organizations are eligible to submit a proposal. Special care is to be taken to identify the biblical foundation of specific gospel values, objectives, ethics leading to the intended social impact.  

3. Should the plan reach the finals, at least one member of the entry team must be present at the final judging panel. The panel is a major factor in determination of the winner, so we encourage key team members to be present. Winners will be announced and make a presentation at a special gathering. 

4. Proposals will be reviewed and judged by a panel of leaders, business people and FPU business professors. The decisions of the judges as to the finalists and winners are final. The Center for Community Transformation reserves the right not to name any winners if, in the sole discretion of the staff and the judging panels, none of the entries have sufficiently met the competition objectives. 

5. All business plan proposals (see attached for template) and all Employment Support/Training proposals (see attached template) are to be submitted to the Center for Community Transformation by September 1.

Watch "How to Write a Business Plan" with Roy Vasquez from the 2014 Work of Our Hands Breakout session 

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