Transformation Think Tank

Guest Reflections on Community Transformation

Here we feature monthly reflections by local, regional or national leaders who have significant experience in community transformation. We are asking them to reflect on what’s working and why, what’s not working and why, and what’s not being tried that should be.

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Vision, Purpose and Initiatives

CCT Vision — What We See

A Central Valley defined by equal access to all the blessings of our region—an abundant community that flourishes with entrepreneurial creativity, spiritual freedom, economic vitality and justice, environmental integrity, cross cultural/social collaboration and political health.

CCT Purpose — Why We Exist

To provide a faith-rooted, institutional engine and catalyst for systemic and sustainable transformation into a unique region of communities characterized by abundance and peace.

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The Church as Civic Steward

Dr. Francine L. Oputa and Rev./Dr. Henry I. Oputa

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:8-10 NIV).

Several years ago we were asked to consider running for a local office. A friend said, “A group of us would like one of you to run for (a particular office). We don’t care which of you runs. We just want one of you to run.” Holding a political office is, perhaps, an ultimate form of civic stewardship. After much prayer we decided it was not how Our Lord would have us serve. However this request made us keenly aware that we were perceived by some as individuals who had some measure of influence in our local community. The issue then became how we use that perceived influence to the glory and honor of God.

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Faith & Finances: Church Centered Financial Education for People in Vulnerable Communities

The Faith & Finance Training equips those in low-income communities to avoid unjust lending practices, and providing a congregational approach to financial literacy training to help prepare vulnerable people for success. This program is...

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